Zhoukoudian is situated some 50km to the southwest of the urban district of Beijing, where the world-famous

Peking Man lived about half million years ago. The geographical coordinates of the site are 3941N and 11551E.
Zhoukoudian Site was put on the list of sites to be protected for their historical and cultural value at national level by the State Council in 1961. It was inscribed on the World Heritage List by the UNESCO in 1987.
More than twenty localities have been found at Zhoukoudian, such as Peking Man Cave, Upper Cave and New Cave.
Ape Man Cave is the most famous place in site group of Zhoukoudian, and was a limestone cave into which, about half a million years ago, Peking Man came to live intermittently until 200,000 years ago. As the cave became gradually filled with Peking Man remains and relics, stones and sands, and so on, a thick deposit was formed consisting of 13 layers which from east to west are about 140 meters long, 2-40 meters wide and about 40 meters deep.